the delusional

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emma. 19. london

tea. snow storms. cafés. long conversations. narrow cobblestone streets. books. 2 am. watercolours.

"for fools rush in where angels fear to tread"

Yeah this year I did, but I’m moving into a flat with a couple of my friends next year xx


Well seeing as we’ve had like 17+ Celusius degree sunny weather for the past couple of weeks I’d say definitely not

London had a really mild and warm winter this year, it was sooo nice. 


Ah yeah I’m doing a BA degree at King’s College London, so I guess I’m studying abroad for 3 years but hopefully I can find a job in London and just live there for longer. 

And haha he’s a boy who lives in my building ;) 


I am secretly 6 raccoons in a trenchcoat

(via rosevintage)